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Encouraging Brain-Building During Early Childhood


If you’ve ever lived with kids, you know that they are naturally curious little people. They learn better whenever they do something. Hands-on learning enables their ability to widen their knowledge, test their observation skills, and boost their creativity.

As your friendly local provider of quality child care in New Jersey, we would like to share these brain-builder tips for your little one. Most of these are based on play-learning, an essential part of early childhood development that all kids need to experience as they grow up.

  • An important skill everyone needs to have is learning how to solve problems.
    One way to enhance and encourage this trait in your little one is by letting them play problem-solving games, such as puzzles and other board games. Not only does this boost problem-solving skills but their creativity in how they handle the challenges, as well.
  • Engage with your child every day.
    Allowing them to follow your lead will help them absorb new skills and information around them. For example, you can have back and forth interactions with your toddler, like talking, playing, or exploring certain places around your home or community.
  • Age-appropriate chores help kids have a sense of responsibility and achievement.
    To do this, create a chore schedule that everyone in the house needs to follow. Preschool kids are often best left with chores like cleaning their room, picking up toys, helping with setting and clearing the table, as well as taking care of a pet.

It Takes A Village Infant Toddler and Preschool Center, a trusted daycare in Jersey City, New Jersey, ensures the fun and advantages of early learning for your kids.

To learn more about our childcare centers in Jersey City, New Jersey, feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

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