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Family Worker

As Family Workers, our primary role is to support the child and their family, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment conducive to development. We act as liaisons between the home, school, and community to facilitate optimal learning experiences. Together, we ensure that your child thrives in all aspects of their development.

Mommy and Me/Daddy and Doughnuts

It Takes A Village believes that families deserve to receive the appropriate support of services that address their needs.

mother and daughter painting
woman teach the kid on how to paint

Our family-friendly clubs include “Mommies and Me” and “Daddies and Doughnuts.” Here we provide workshops on relevant and current issues. We also provide workshops for the following:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Social/ Emotional Behavior
  • Math and Science
  • Nutrition and Health Education
  • Home/School Connection

Collaboration with 100 Kids INC

Our collaboration with 100 Kids INC presents a unique opportunity to utilize their wealth of experience in child development and learning. This partnership allows us to offer enriched programs and access to specialized resources that nurture each child’s individual growth. With 100 Kids INC, we can ensure the highest quality care for your child.

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