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How to Develop Your Child’s Reading Habits


Reading does not have to start in school. Even before your child is enrolled in Preschool, they can start building good reading habits.

The best place to start is at home – where kids feel the most comfortable and where they are guided by parents.

Get your child to familiarize the alphabet through songs and other playful activities. Whenever you have a chance to read, read with your child. By showing how reading is a part of everything, you encourage them to find reading opportunities on their own. For example, reading labels in grocery items or words in traffic signs show how reading is everywhere.

Just like any other habit, the best way to build one is through regular practice. Make reading a daily habit. You can ready from picture books and storybooks. Be an example to your child by reading in their presence. Whether you are reading books or magazines, you are showing your child that reading is indeed valuable.

Reading builds your child’s knowledge which will be very helpful as they progress in school and life.

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