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Dealing With Kid’s First Day of School Blues


For children, starting preschool or daycare can be exciting, but it might also be overwhelming. The first few days of school can be rough on both you and your child.

As a reputable daycare in Jersey City, New Jersey, we enumerated some ways to help your toddler adjust and cope with their first day of school:

  • Explain what is going to happenTalk to your child about what will happen on the first day of school, and how you will keep in touch. It’s also good to explain their new routine: when they’ll eat lunch, where they can find friends at recess or outside the classroom, and what their teachers expect from them.
  • Plan for the big dayPlan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your child’s bus arrives to ensure they’re ready when it’s time to leave. If they’re not ready on time, ask them if they need you to get them dressed or help them with their bag.
  • It’s normal if they cryIt’s normal for a child to be upset about leaving home, but usually, they will settle in soon. They need to understand that it’s okay to miss you for a while. You may have a naturally outgoing child or someone who needs time to adjust. Each child has his personality and will adjust at his pace.

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